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And Reed was just kind of an ass. Christina aguilera clit piercing. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Kira, Quark, Odo, Jake. Star trek enterprise t pol naked. So you would think the relationships these women would foster would at the very least make sense and the sex, for lack of a better word, would be stellar.

Admiral Shran , Apr 4, Yet another missed opportunity from Enterprise, and I feel, a symptom of the fact that the two showrunners were straight white men. Pistols slightly before dawn…. Very tall escort. The fourth season is a huge valentine to Star Trek fans, though. Being the only actual adult on board seems like a very lonely and frustrating position. She has not participated in conventions or given interviews regarding her role on Star Trek: It isn't terrible, but given the fact that they were working with a blank slate, I was disappointed that they fell into telling the same stories again.

If it comes around again I may try again. You're truly not the lazy weird dumbass you seemed to be when I first met you.

And that montage of exploration and space fairing is pretty inspiring honestly. After a season-and-a-half of treating mankind as hyper-competent and hyper-evolved, it was a moment that revealed that the Federation was not ready for everything.

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Then you have to consider that they were making a prequel. Amatuer nude pics. This would have been an incredibly sexy scene if the ridges she carefully rubbed were not Phlox's but someone else's.

That's something they did well on Galactica, they weren't afraid to give the main characters unlikable traits, or have them do potentially unforgivable things. On the whole, I really enjoyed it. Set photos from the shooting of a scene surfaced in T'Pol place herself on all 4 on the bed and Trip slowly push his stiff dick into her pussy from behind.

Even though Leonard Nimoy always had a love-hate relationship with the character of Spock he especially hated the ears , he still recognized how important the character was, and still is, for millions of Star Trek fans. Star trek enterprise t pol naked. On Vulcan we don't wear 'sexy clothing' to make a person sexually aroused. This is especially highlighted for me when you look at the outfits T'Pol wears when doing neuropressure with Trip - And then compare them to the outfit she wore when doing neuropressure with Corporal Amanda Cole to correct the damage done by Trip - Yet another missed opportunity from Enterprise, and I feel, a symptom of the fact that the two showrunners were straight white men.

It also didn't help that this show came out right in the middle of the Star Wars Prequels, and those were very high profile failures and reinforced the idea that prequels are bad. Like Jeri Ryan, Jolene Blalock, the actress who plays T'Pol, seems fairly comfortable with the way her character is depicted, if this quote from Memory Alpha is anything to go by -.

Mainly, when Kira put faith before duty, like when she defended teaching Bajoran creationism in public school. Naked girl next door pictures. And all of which I could describe as austere.

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One of the most famous things about Commander Riker was his beard. Jun 19, Location: When sex is added, it only produces more awkwardness. T'Pol take off her clothes.

In what way doesn't it fit Star Trek? We had T'pol with the drug addiction risking her life stupidly for a fix We also had the Xindi that started out as faceless terrorists Al Qaeda anybody?

Now that T'Pol's sexuality has been pointed out in previous threads, I can't unsee it every time I watch an episode, sorta like Kirk's misogyny in TOS. Killing off characters we hardly know in order to generate drama is lazy writing. Strange yellow daisy fields forever…. Star trek enterprise t pol naked. Unfortunately, many of the early episodes of Enterprise rely on the crew behaving like fools in order to generate plot — Archer makes a decision that puts the crew in an risky position.

More than people are working together on this every day and we haven't had one argument. The first 2 and the last is imo the worst episodes, so if you do end up seeing it at some point you can go directly to episode 3 and later skip the finale.

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