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I would not use these right away, but after a while, a few well placed words will have him eating out of your hands again… Thanks to FemaleLedRelationship. Asian montreal escorts. The more disobedient he has been, the longer he has to practice. Forced cuckold tumblr. Simple restraint is perfect for that. But actually it is a great tool for dominating him… The most common way to use it, is to force him to eat it.

Heads grants him an orgasm. Man teasing woman. This is exactly like me….. You unlock him when you get home or by telling him where the key is by phone. Forbid him to use his hands to make himself hard or simply tie his hands out of reach of his cock.

If he picks a number that is lower than what you picked, make him choose again and double his next result. These rules require him to exercise so often and for so long that you need to have punishments that will motivate him to work through the pain and boringness of exercise over a period of weeks.

Eventually, the chastity cage will become his new reality. After every orgasm, he must collect his semen and do something embarrassing with it. Give him tedious tasks, like writing out a sentence fifty times.

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I want to watch you suck his cock. Naked pauline luna. Since we started our FLR, we or better yet I, came across different obstacles and question, dilemmas which way to go, etc… It takes time and it takes corrections to achieve what you wanted at first place.

He may not speak unless addressed by someone asked a question, etc. Keep that in mind and see if you can think of ways to change things up. This is a straight-forward and common rule.

When you allow your man an orgasm, there is some part of him that also feels he is being released from your control. Forced cuckold tumblr. I am going to take you.

So proud of myself: He has to lock something embarrassing to his collar. Have him start by just licking your clitoris. Test him by giving him a list of things to do while you are away. Naked ameture pics. For a wife practicing male obedience training, you may feel that he is less obedient after orgasm.

It took me some time but I managed to have him have a ruined orgasm in his cage, just by pegging. Ruined orgasms are the essence of keeping your submissive in healthy shape, but still having him horny all the time. Put together a list of extreme hard labor that he must do if he fails to make his goal.

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Make this a positive event, and from this point forward you make him eat his cum… If you ever choose to cuckold, this will make him more tolerant… Mistress K Thanks to CuckieMan. Do you crave more? Force him to wear bright red lipstick and gloss make his lips kissable to remind him what his duty is. Tell her this is exactly what you envision.

Failure to obey you should carry the harshest punishments. Every time he orgasms, he owes you a favor. Run a rope or chain over a beam in the roof and raise his wrists as high as possible, maybe even making him stand on his toes. Forced cuckold tumblr. The chastity belt goes back on at the end whether he succeeds or not. Use a ball gag or tape if necessary. Granny nude pics. For every penny that drops, punish him. You unlock him when you get home or by telling him where the key is by phone.

That is why I consider teasing and denial an important part of male obedience training… Of course, when you want it, a tease session can always end up with him performing oral service.

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